CHECKLIST 2 Month Before ~~Nervous2~~

Date & Venue : 

<DONE>Nikah & Reception : End of March & Early of April 2012

<DONE>Venue: Home Sweet Home, Gombak KL

Theme & Concept:

<DONE> Nikah: Simple (Purpulish + Cream)

<DONE> Malam Berinai: Traditional (Navy Blue)

<DONE> Reception: Garden Wedding (Baby Blue + White)

Nikah Ceremony:

<DONE> Outfit For Me

<DONE> Outfit For Him

<PND> Tudung, Veil & Accessories *meet up with designer on 4/2/2012*

<DONE> Shoe

<PND> Hand Bouquet (D.I.Y)

<PND> Mini Pelamin & Decoration (decor by HIM!)

<DONE> Bantal Nikah *F.O.C from bridal house*

<DONE> Fan Vulu2

<DONE> Pulut Kuning *sponsor by my MOM’s-consider DONE!-*

Reception Ceremony:

<DONE> Outfit For Me & Him

<DONE> Tudung, Veil & Accessories

<DONE> Pelamin & Merenjis Set

<DONE> Shoes

<DONE> Hand Bouquet

<DONE> Arch & Walkaway

<DONE> Red Carpet *Mr.E job*

<DONE> Decoration

<DONE> Bunga Telur *Early March siap*

<DONE> Payung

<DONE> Fan Vulu2

<DONE> Pahar

<DONE> Wedding Cake with Table (by Fyda Farid)

Khatam Al-Quran, Marhaban & Doa Selamat Ceremony:

<DONE> Outfit For Me (Purely White)

<DONE> Marhaban Group (my MOM’s group)

Malam Berinai Ceremony:

<DONE> Outfit For Me & Him

<DONE> Tudung, Veil, Shoes & Accessories

Legal documents:

<DONE> Kursus kahwin

<DONE> HIV Test *DONE 19/12/2011@2 p.m*

<DONE> Collect Borang Kebenaran Nikah *DONE at  19/12/2011@10 a.m*

<DONE>  Booking Tok Kadi *DONE at 23/1/2012@2pm

<DONE>  Borang Nikah Lelaki

<DONE>  Borang Nikah Perempuan

Wedding Card: 

<DONE>  Booking for 300 copies@Jentayu Design *Printing in progress*


<DONE> Catering *my dad & mom job*

<DONE> Canopy *Deposit*

Photographer & Videographer:

<DONE> Videographer Nikah, Malam Berinai & Reception (sponsored by my BIG BRO)

<DONE> Photographer Nikah, Malam Berinai & Reception by KERJAGILASIMOLLphotography

<DONE> Pre-Wedding

  • Date: 19 Dec 2011 (Monday)
  • Venue: Cruise Tasik Putrajaya
  • Theme: Outfit & Props: Santai


<DONE> Kak Laila~~ *meet up 6/2/2012*


<DONE> For Kidz (D.I.Y) *only buy sumi later*

<DONE> For Guest *February boley smpai*

<DONE> Case

<PND>    For VIP


For Me:

1. <DONE> Ring + Mas Kahwin

2. <DONE> Handbag

3. <DONE> Perfume Set

4. <DONE> Telekung (sponsored by MOM)

5. <DONE> Sirih Junjung

6. <DONE> Sport Shoe

7. <TBA>    Coklat/Biscuit

For Him:

1. <DONE> Ring

2. <DONE> Kemeja & Tie

3. <DONE> Al-Quran(sponsored by MOM)

4. <DONE> Wallet & Pen

5. <DONE> Sport Shoe

6. <DONE> Perfume Set

7. <DONE> Coklat (sponsored by Mazzlela)

8. <DONE> Sirih Junjung; by ME! *consider DONE*

9. <PND>    Fruits


<<DONE> Dulang

<PND> Fresh Flower

<PND> Accessories


<DONE> Bed Set

<DONE>  Bed Sheet

<DONE>  Pillow

<PND> Lamp/Carpet/Curtain/Decor/Painting


<DONE> Inai *deposit RM 50*( by Nadia Khalid -Nedhenna-)

<PND> Manicure/Pedicure/Facial/Spa/Sauna


<DONE> Welcome Bunting

<PND> Direction Signage *Sis in law job*

Bridemaids, Bestman & Dayang2 (Nikah & Reception):

<DONE>  Outfit

Dresses For Family:

<DONE> Nikah & Reception


<DONE> M.C + P.A System + Karoke + Kompang + Silat + Tarian Cilik + Singer **

<PND> List Songs & CD (by ME!)

<DONE> GuestBook

Wedding Program:

<DONE> Reception

<DONE> Nikah


<PND> Date

<PND> Location

*DONE : Settled sudah

*PND: Pending (Survey/Qotation/Deposit)

*TBA: Depends on budget/No idea

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