January Update!

Hello 2012!!

Hahhaha… dh masuk second week dah kot…

So far my preps ok… still ikut my time line.. wehuuu~~

Pending Task:

1. Site visit bridal house utk sesi ukur pelamin & fitting baju

2. Site visit for canopy *my big bro job*

3. Site visit from event coordinator

4. Make up trial with MUA

5. Catering *mak & abah sy asik mau tukar2 je.. aiishhhhh*

6. Door Gift for guest & VIP *still survey*

7. Baju for my family *tinggal utk reception je, cadangnyer nk pg today*

8. Invitation Card *1st draft, insyaALLAH this week nk buat correction*

9. Pre-Wedding photoshoot otw!! *oh xsabar!*

10. Guestbook *tunggu pics siap*


InsyaALLAH, pelan2 kayuh org kata..

Walaupun dh rasa nervous bangat dah ni..

Wish me good luck lah yer..


Noted: Ari2 nengok calendar uooalllsss! *mood swing ok!*



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