Jingle Bell..

Jingle Bell..


December ni.. saya bakallllllllllllllllllllll BUSY!

 <Cute btull si Pooh perut buncit ni>

OK! Iklanneka dah habis~~

Now, tgh susun schedule mana satu my priority:-

1. Clear all my annual leave & Handover notes for my replacement *malasssssssssss nk buat*

2. Settlekan wedding preps yg tergendala:-

  • Baju Nikah For Me 
  • Survey & Booking for Catering & Canopy 
  • Bed Set AND Renovation for my Room 
  • Attires for my family & pengapit
  • Door Gifts & Bunga Telur
  • H.I.V Test & Borang Nikah
  • Pre-Wedding Photoshoot
  • Arrange site visit for my Bridal House  
  • Honeymoon package

Oh! December~~ Kamu buat saya stress!

Agak kelam kelibut, sbb my target all the wedding preps settled before i start with new job on 3rd January 2012~~

After this, dh kena focus only for my work <focus lah sgt kan!>


NOTED: Counting days di atas sgt mengganggu pemikiran.. buat org lagi TAKUT! aishhhhhh~~


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