19th February~~

Its not too late to express my feeling for my lovely mom, Pn. Jamilah Adon…


The Most Special Day Mom

Your birthday is the most special day of the year

because without you I wouldn’t have the all encompassing comfort of a mother’s unconditional love…your love, for me.

You are always there for me, Mom.

Whenever I need you, to cheer me up, make me smile, bolster my confidence, or sympathize with me and ease my worries

You fill up my empty, hurting places with your boundless affection.

Your loving presence in my life gives me a reassuring feeling of security and peace.

Thank you, Mom, and Happy Birthday!

<Touching Mood>




Meh jenguk2 pic kami pg makan last Sunday..Lewat 1 day because my bro keje.. Nevermind, asalkan cukup 1 family..

Lg pun on 19th, sy sudah belikan Domino’s Pizza & Aiskrim <yg aiskrim tu sy yg nak makan sbnrnyer>


My Big Bro Family

Kami yg kelaparan..

Anak mak & abah… Ngeee~~

Kami adik beradik & cucu2

<ssh ni nk kumpul adik beradik.. Busy meh!>



Sri Ayutthaya, Wangsa Maju….


Oklah… <oh! mungkin sy slalu makan kat Chakri Palace, tu yg lidah duk rs biasa dgn Thai foods kotzz..>

Tapi ikan siakap steam dia mmg TERBAAIIKKK~~ Giler spicy!! Berterabur cili padi kat atas ikan tu..

Plik xde pandan chicken je.. <favourite sy & mak sy tau>


RM 300.. Tax je yg byk… Hampagas btul.

Tapi xpe abg sy yg bayor  Or maybe dia claims balik kat abah sy… <hahahahha>


Mak sy xmo.. Sbb last week je sy ada bawak 2 types of cake my birthday cake & cup cake Mr.Eddie..

<Masih ada lagi dlm peti ais kat umah tu>


Quick Info about my mom:

1. Asam pedas dia mmg sodapppppppp!

2. Kami berdua sgt aktif main Kutu <Cr2 mau kumpul RM>

3. Penyimpan wang  yg sgt baikk < Sbb every month sy akan kasi certain amount for her to take care>

4. Suka makan Fish & Chips

5. Love to eat ulam2 & sup2.. <Yg ni sy xsuka.. Hahhahha>

6. Pendengar & penasihat ygt sgt baikk.. <You can trust your mom 200%!!>


Noted: Pic diatas sy cuwikk kat FB abg sy.. Esk sy update annual dinner RETRO last nite k.








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