1st Entry!

Salam & Aloha,

Yupzzz.. My first entry for my blog..  I’m become blogger bukan to follow others yg ber”blog2″  yer<wpun sbnrnyer sy sudah ada blog sdiri dahulu kala, tp lupa password!> But! Just want to realize that I need one medium to picture my feelings <mcm gedix je statement> Sometimes, i feel so down, happy, rs nk gelak2 giler n kdg2 bosan. Saya seorang secretary yg boley buat keje 2-3 dlm masa yg sama.. <kdg2 GM ay boley nmpak sy online YM, tergedix2 msg kuar kat window laptop.. Dun care!> Don’t ask me why I choose  adikmisya as my blog name.. xde kena mengena dgn Misha Omar k <wpundia tu penyanyi kesayangan sy..> tp sy dh gunakan nama ni since sekolah menengah lagi.. nama dia sodap kotzz.. maybe one day i put my future lovely daughter Mia Misya.. Wink2~~  See ya! LotzofLove~~ :p


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